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So it's the Hutt festival with lots of gambling. Who's got characters participating? Who has characters who don't care about gross Hutt parties? Who's really craving a rancor mount?
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How is everybody? Do you have the new expansion? How do you like it?

Spoilers will abound in the comments.
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On the off chance that anyone's still here, what are your favorite memories of your first year of SW:TOR?
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Inspired by: Over on Tumblr, some people are setting up in-character Twitters! It's a fun-looking project, so I thought I'd link it here.

Question: If you roleplay, where do you prefer to do it, and why? Do you prefer to interact with others inside the game? Do you make use of other places (like Twitter, Tumblr, or a DW-like blogging service) to extend your in-character time? What services do you prefer, and why?
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I'm going to try to ask a question a week in order to keep discussion going. Here's one to start off with!

I know there’s still a lot of confusion floating around on whether it’ll be new companions (and hopefully world NPCs, for non-companion flirt options!) or backpatched to old ones. But in a perfect world, when you could romance any same-sex NPC, who would you want and why and what would they do?
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Many of our homes in SWTOR have been changed around with the new server transfers. Did you move? How do you feel about the consolidations? Do you hate the queues? Did you lose names or chars? And where is everyone based now?
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I've been binging on podcasts lately and SWTOR being one of my favorite topics, listening to a lot about the game. Anyone have any that they'd recommend?

So far my favorite is Ossuss Academy, which discusses lore. The topic is what makes this show interesting... the hosts, not so much. I listened to a handful of MER, which is on the same network and features basically the same dudes plus a couple more and yeah. Not as enjoyable.

I really want a SWTOR podcast in the vein of Knickweasels. Anyone listen to that? It's about Dragon Age, not SWTOR, but I definitely recommend it anyway. It's hosted by two women who discuss the lore, characters, and fandom with feminist sensibilities. And it's awesome. Many of the SWTOR or Star Wars in general podcasts have been sausage fests, and what they like/discuss/hate doesn't usually mesh with my own opinions. I'm not opposed to male hosts at all, but I'd like to listen to people who are at least aware of, if not sympathetic to, the gender issues in fandom and so far none of the male-dominated podcasts are what I'm looking for.
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There are all sorts of internet deals celebrating May 4th, otherwise known as "Star Wars Day." Darth Hater has a good breakdown of what is on sale and where. If you ever wanted one of those cool Jinx shirts, or Razor's Old Republic mouse, today is the day.
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Perhaps I've overlooked something (or many somethings), but there are a few aspects about the galaxy of SW:TOR that I can't quite sort out. I'm rather hoping someone has. Or do we all throw up our hands and headcanon everything?

Sith Empire Questions
Are Bounty Hunters even Imperial citizens? (Some signs point to no. Like the guy on Balmorra with the booby trapped comms.)

How does the power structure go once you get below the Sith? Actually, it gets confusing even before you get below the Sith, given that there are some military people who seem to have power to order (player character) Sith about. How exactly do the Sith power structure, the Imperial military, and Imperial Intelligence interconnect - who has power over whom? (For that matter, is Imperial Intelligence separate from the military or not? Signs seem to point several directions.)

According to Wookieepedia, for a time the Sith Empire practiced universal military service (making pretty much everyone of a certain age part of the military). There are signs in game that this is no longer the case, but at the same time, you meet so very few apparent civilians that I can't help wondering if it's still true or close to it.

Republic Questions
How are Jedi being recruited in this time period? You meet at least one trainee who was recruited as an adult, but Jedi player characters are assumed to have been trained from childhood. (Though how young is unclear.) For that matter, how long do Jedi train anyway?

Are Smugglers assumed to be Republic citizens? Does the Republic even keep track of its citizens? Anyone else's citizens? Any records at all?The fact that a Sith Lord managed to get a job designing superweapons for the Republic without even changing his name makes me wonder.

I'd ask about the power structure, but, honestly, the Republic is such a disaster that it really doesn't much matter.  If the Empire leans Lawful Evil, the Republic seems to be tipping rapidly into Chaotic Neutral.
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The question:
Does Dreamwidth possess some sort of spoiler-whiteout html tag, the way TVTropes has? I had originally thought that I would make spoilers the same color as the background of my blog -- which works awesomely if one reads my posts on my blog, but not so well if a subscribed reader goes through his or her "Reading" page.

The suggestion:
I've been using Darth Hater as my go-to source for SWTOR news and information, but I'd like to suggest instead of/in addition to DarthHater. Over the past few weeks, DH has been very slow providing timely information, while Dulfy had the internet's best guide to the Rakghoul plague event, not to mention jewels like this companion gift guide.
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Hey folks. As of 1.2, ship droids are accepting companion gifts. As with other companions, these improve their affection rating and make them more efficient at gathering and crafting.

I went looking for a guide to what types of gifts C2-N2 likes and couldn't find one, so I did some of my own research and thought I'd share the results.

I bought one of each type of level one gift from the vendor on the fleet and gave them to him one by one. The result:

Cultural Artifact: +96 (three stars, by the TORhead scale)
Technology: +54 (two stars)
Luxury: +24 (one star)
Republic Memorabilia: +24 (one star)

Underworld Good: 0
Military: 0
Imperial History: 0
Trophy: 0
Courting (someone needs to write a crackfic where this happens): 0
Weapon: 0
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So one of the community entries on timeline made me start thinking about class stories and when they take place related to each other. I'd like to get some discussion going on that.

Click Through For Spoiler Protection! )
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 (Also known as "Hellooooo, anyone still out there?")

I can't say as it added anything remarkable for me, but that's because I'm playing on two servers and decidedly not rushing to 50. It looks kinda cool, though a lot of the Legacy perks cost credits. (Tons o' credits, sadly.) I did have fun with the family tree thingy, even if it's rather short on options. And I know I'll be helping friends gather credits to unlock favorite species.
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Does anybody know what year it is in SWTOR, as it were? Or what the in-universe reference would be for e.g. the Sacking of Coruscant? Because it's all well and good to know that happened in 3653 before the battle of Yavin, but I have a sneaking suspicion that's not the dating system the characters use... or dating systems, really, because the Empire probably feels it's the year thirtysomething after the Glorious Reconquest of Korriban, or similar.

(Yeah, I could probably just elide the dates stuff anyway, but. I have a Thing.)
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I'm reticent to say "Welcome to our first weekly community update!" because what happens if I don't post one every week? But I do want to try and start a semi-regular post that updates everyone about the awesome things happening in our growing TOR fandom!

– The past two weeks saw the convening of the first-ever SWTOR Guild Summit. The TOR news website Darth Hater continues to post interviews and information-laden posts on the subject. I don't know about you all, but I can't decide if I'm more excited about 1.2's crafting improvements, or the new Legacy system. Gosh, I don't know what, but I really want a pureblood Sith trooper.

– Over at Geek Feminism Blog, community member [personal profile] annalee has posted an insightful critique of TOR's "normative" assumptions. (DW comments here.) This crystallized my own thoughts on the matter, and led me to write about (what I feel to be) TOR's sexist implementation of the [Flirt] command. Pretty weight stuff, but in our defense I'm invoking Moff's Law.

– On Archive Of Our Own, I've started a TOR-centric collection for fanfic. There's not much there yet, but if you've got a TOR story, you should totally add it! (I'm looking at you, [personal profile] catpella!)

– Last but not least, [personal profile] virtualvoyages and I are both trying to complete the "20 Days of TOR" Challenge. (See our progress here and here.) We could always use a supporting comment – or better yet, take the challenge yourself!
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I know that [personal profile] jawa posted a few fannish questions, but I also wanted to throw up something I've been doing for the past several days: a TOR-centric take on those "daily challenge" memes. The questions are pretty simple, but it has been a great way to get me in the habit of trying to post ever day.

: As some of our community's members have pointed out, the original questions are at times quite personal. This was an oversight on my part; I myself don't feel comfortable answering some of the challenges as written. I mean, why would I possibly want to tell the Internet ten things it doesn't know about me?! With that in mind, I've modified the original questions.

The new, improved TOR meme! (Now, with American spelling of 'favorite'!) )

The original, more personal questions. )
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Hey, my name is Nebel, and I'm completely in love with The Old Republic. I created a new Dreamwidth account for the sole purpose of geeking out about TOR with fellow players. Needless to say, I'm super excited that a community like this exists, because, like [personal profile] catpella , I desperately want a place to just be a fan of The Old Republic.

Right now, I've got somewhere in the vicinity of six characters, all on the Sanctum of the Exalted server (US-RP-PVE-East). I'm pretty much evenly split between Republic and Empire, but all of my characters lean toward the light. Right now, my main is probably the Sith Inquisitor Malarky, but I have the most affection for my sassy Mirialan Smuggler Nebel (pictured in my avatar).

Things seem pretty quiet in this community right now, but hey! That's a-okay. I just want to let everyone know that I am completely down for betaing TOR fiction/commenting on which companions are the best romances/geeking out about the soundtrack, etcetcetc. This game is awesome, and I really want to be part of an equally-awesome fannish community.
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I finally completed the main storyline and finished Corellia (and got married!) all in one fell swoop - Awesome. And a bit bittersweet, because I never wanted it to end. I can't wait for more chapters! ...Which probably won't be released for ages unfortunately.

Next step is to finish my Jedi Consular story, then I'll be picking back up my smuggler and starting a Sith Warrior.

What are you guys up to?
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Hello community. Time for some more random questions. Trying to get some more activity in this community. <__<
Warning - There might be some spoilers.

What species do you want to be playable in the future?

Which class story is your favorite?

Which romance arc is your favorite?

What's your Legacy name?

What are your characters alignment?

What vanity pets would you like to see added in the game?

I do have another idea for the community. Maybe have a guild created for the members of this community? Preferably on a PVE or RP server so those who don't want to PvP don't have to. Just an idea...
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*Pokes the community*
How's everyone doing? Are you having a great time on SWTOR? ^__^
Thought I post a little questionnaire to get some activity going on here. Feel free to answer it if you like.

1. Who is your main? (Class, Advanced Class, Level, Species, etc.)
2. What other characters do you play?
3. What type of server do you play on? (RP, RP-PVP, PVE, PVP)
4. Which faction is your favorite? 
5. What do you like most about the game?
6. What do you like the least about the game?
7. What would you like to see added to the game?
8. Are you new to MMORPGs? If not, which games have you played before?
9. Any comments?


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