May. 2nd, 2012

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Perhaps I've overlooked something (or many somethings), but there are a few aspects about the galaxy of SW:TOR that I can't quite sort out. I'm rather hoping someone has. Or do we all throw up our hands and headcanon everything?

Sith Empire Questions
Are Bounty Hunters even Imperial citizens? (Some signs point to no. Like the guy on Balmorra with the booby trapped comms.)

How does the power structure go once you get below the Sith? Actually, it gets confusing even before you get below the Sith, given that there are some military people who seem to have power to order (player character) Sith about. How exactly do the Sith power structure, the Imperial military, and Imperial Intelligence interconnect - who has power over whom? (For that matter, is Imperial Intelligence separate from the military or not? Signs seem to point several directions.)

According to Wookieepedia, for a time the Sith Empire practiced universal military service (making pretty much everyone of a certain age part of the military). There are signs in game that this is no longer the case, but at the same time, you meet so very few apparent civilians that I can't help wondering if it's still true or close to it.

Republic Questions
How are Jedi being recruited in this time period? You meet at least one trainee who was recruited as an adult, but Jedi player characters are assumed to have been trained from childhood. (Though how young is unclear.) For that matter, how long do Jedi train anyway?

Are Smugglers assumed to be Republic citizens? Does the Republic even keep track of its citizens? Anyone else's citizens? Any records at all?The fact that a Sith Lord managed to get a job designing superweapons for the Republic without even changing his name makes me wonder.

I'd ask about the power structure, but, honestly, the Republic is such a disaster that it really doesn't much matter.  If the Empire leans Lawful Evil, the Republic seems to be tipping rapidly into Chaotic Neutral.


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