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So one of the community entries on timeline made me start thinking about class stories and when they take place related to each other. I'd like to get some discussion going on that.

If we could list out what events take place when in the class stories, we could maybe try to deduce around what happens when. Also, do we know how long from story beginning to Act 3 end is supposed to be? One year? Longer?

I know Sith Warrior gets an email after their end of Act 3 that a Jedi tried to kill the Emperor but only set him back. This implies that the Jedi Knight ending and the Sith Warrior ending are very close to each other- a few days, a few weeks? The Agent Act 3 dissolved Intelligence, but the resolution to that is left really vague, and it doesn't seem to be mentioned in any other story, is it?

Date: 2012-04-15 03:59 pm (UTC)
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I'm not going to be much help, given my dawdling pace. I can't really think of any cross-reference likely bits in the two stories I've gone through Chapter One of, but if anyone wants a list of the events of Chapter One for Agent or Smuggler, I can provide.


It suddenly strikes me as bizarre that, so far as I know, the fact that Darth Jadus's ship gets blown up over Dromund Kaas is not even mentioned in any other Imperial storyline. You'd think the Sith might mention it. You'd even think a Bounty Hunter might. But, so far, nope. (I guess that's due to spoilers, but still. Exploding ship!)

Date: 2012-04-15 04:35 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] virtualvoyages
And I guess I might as well list them. (Reading comprehension, it's a good thing.)

Agent: Prologue
Arrive on Hutta (for what appears to be your first mission), pretend to be the Red Blade, do errands for Nem'ro (none of which seem noteworthy), kill (or not) Karrels and frame the Republic, more errands (including revealing or not those working for both Hutts), get Nem'ro to back the Empire, fight the real Red Blade, depart.
:Chapter One
Arrive on Dromund Kaas, meet with Intelligence and Darth Jadus, go find Jurithis's data pad, meet with Darth Jadus (for better or worse), question or seduce Mindak's daughter, go to Grathan estate and meet with Mindak, go to the Dark Temple to prevent the terrorists from blowing up the power conduits, get back and find out Jadus's ship was blown up, get sent off world.
Meet Darth Zhorrid.
Arrive on Balmorra, meet your contact, infiltrate the terrorist cell (while sabotaging their efforts to an extent, or not), capture or kill Gray Star.
Arrive on Nar Shaddaa, meet with Watcher X, get drug sample, get disguised as a droid and infiltrate VerveGen, catch the meeting, get info from Aphel Jaarn (and kill him or not).
Capture Yanol for Darth Zhorrid.
Arrive on Tatooine, meet with Mia Hawkins, flush out Ghost Cell people and fight faux-Mia, go to the suppliers house and get information from him, smuggle yourself into the Old Man's compound in a box, confront the Old Man and fight him, let Mia go or kill her.
Arrive on Alderaan, meet with Baron Cortess (and Baroness Cortess), track down Denri Ayl, discover the Baroness is the financier, talk to the Baron, let or stop Vector's Kilik Hive from taking over House Cortess.
Arrive on Hutta, fight the Eagle, find out there's someone behind him and Eradicators poised to kill millions.
Meet with Darth Zhorrid who wants revenge - promise to get revenge for her or...not.
Go to the Artus System to get the codes from the Eagle's boss - Darth Jadus - confront him and save people or don't save people, capture, kill, or have to let him escape.

(Did I miss anything?)

Date: 2012-04-15 05:02 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] virtualvoyages
Arrive on Ord Mantell with shipment, disable targeting stations, find out Skavak's a rotten thief. Meet with Viidu, go to Talloran and talk to Reki, deal with mad scientist guy to get chemicals, break into Separtist base to get Skavak (who already left), go back and find out Syreena's a bad guy (and kill her or not). Leave with Corso.
Arrive on Coruscant, meet with Corso's buddy Darmas, rescue Kixi and ruin Skavak's reputation, get the holo recording from Black Sun, meet Miel, save people from Justicars, head into the Works and find out Skavak's ripping off Imperials (and Miel gets killed *sad face*), get your ship back.
:Chapter One
Find Risha on your ship, who enlists you in hunting Nok Drayan's treasure.
Arrive on Taris, do errands for Beryl and deal with Customs Dude who suspects you're not an upstanding citizen, find out Beryl's partner is ripping her off, get astrogation chart and further annoy Skavak.
Answer distress call, meet another of Skavak's old girlfriends.
Arrive on Tatooine, run errands to get to Hixan, meet a Jedi and a Sith, meet everybody at the Lightspring, get the sensor computer.
Arrive on Alderaan, meet spoiled nobles, meet historian with hyperdrive, save spoiled noble from duel, pursue Skavak around planet, retireve hyperdrive.
Save Risha's friend, head off to collect treasure, meeting Nok Drayan, finding out he's Risha's dad, and she's royalty, also killing Skavak finally.

(Did I miss anything?)

Date: 2012-04-16 12:50 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] doomhamster
While I won't dip my toe too deeply into this for fear of spoiling the storylines I haven't played, when I fic/RP I tend to think of the class storyline as having taken at least a year, probably closer to two. For ex, I like to imagine that those trips to the class trainer represent some actual training my SW did on Korriban, even though the game makes it seem like you go from new arrival to Baras' apprentice in an afternoon...

Date: 2012-04-16 03:35 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] virtualvoyages
The timeline on Wookieepedia gives two years of Cold War, so that sounds about right - assuming the war restarts at the end of Chapter Three.


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