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I'm reticent to say "Welcome to our first weekly community update!" because what happens if I don't post one every week? But I do want to try and start a semi-regular post that updates everyone about the awesome things happening in our growing TOR fandom!

– The past two weeks saw the convening of the first-ever SWTOR Guild Summit. The TOR news website Darth Hater continues to post interviews and information-laden posts on the subject. I don't know about you all, but I can't decide if I'm more excited about 1.2's crafting improvements, or the new Legacy system. Gosh, I don't know what, but I really want a pureblood Sith trooper.

– Over at Geek Feminism Blog, community member [personal profile] annalee has posted an insightful critique of TOR's "normative" assumptions. (DW comments here.) This crystallized my own thoughts on the matter, and led me to write about (what I feel to be) TOR's sexist implementation of the [Flirt] command. Pretty weight stuff, but in our defense I'm invoking Moff's Law.

– On Archive Of Our Own, I've started a TOR-centric collection for fanfic. There's not much there yet, but if you've got a TOR story, you should totally add it! (I'm looking at you, [personal profile] catpella!)

– Last but not least, [personal profile] virtualvoyages and I are both trying to complete the "20 Days of TOR" Challenge. (See our progress here and here.) We could always use a supporting comment – or better yet, take the challenge yourself!
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