Jan. 1st, 2012 10:27 pm
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Yay! A SWTOR community. :)
I started playing SWTOR on December 23rd, three days after the official release. I first heard about this game from the World of Warcraft forums. After doing some reading and watching some videos for a few days, I decided to get myself a copy of the game. I loved the Mass Effect games (especially the story system) and have been a Star Wars fan since the late 90's before the release of the prequels. So this game looked like a great match. Little over a week later, I'm finding that I'm having a lot more fun on this game than I ever did on WoW or any of the other MMOs I've tried.
My characters are all on the Kath Hound server (RP-PVE US East Coast). I got one of each class because I want to experience the different story lines. The first character I created is a Chiss Imperial Agent. Got him to level 10 and made him a Sniper. Then I decided to level a Mirialan Trooper. I loved playing the Trooper so much that I decided to make him my main. He's now a level 21 Vanguard. However I'm putting his leveling on hold since I had a problem with a quest choice (long story short, laptop touchpads are evil) and is waiting for customer service to respond. So last night I decided to level my Zabrak Sith Inquisitor. He's level 10 and is now a Sith Assassin. My other characters range from levels 1 to 5.
I'd like to start role playing my characters soon. Already have some background stories and personalities made up for most of them. Just need to learn a few things and find some other role players.
Hope to have a great time here.


Dec. 26th, 2011 02:15 pm
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My name is Capella, but you can call me Cat or Cap if you'd like.

I've been a KotOR fan for years and was super-hyped when TOR was announced. I have been playing TOR since it was released. I was lucky enough to get into beta in September, and my experience there totally sold me on this game. I was nervous about playing an MMO, I'm more of a singpleplayer cat, but the story and the companion characters all sucked me deeply in and wouldn't let me go.

I'm an alt-aholic, with 3 characters I'm currently running through the game with, and I'm sure I'm going to wind up having more of them to replay through the story as a different sex or race or alignment or to make a different choice at a certain point or whatnot. My Imperial PCs are on the Ebon Hawk server (US-RP-PVE-East) and my Republic PCs on the Sanctum of the Exalted (US-RP-PVE-East). I don't know what I'll do if I fill all my slots on both sides.

I am super stoked that the game is out and I can talk about it now! I have So Many Thoughts about this game and its contents, and I hope that more players join this community and we can all be fannish together. I want to talk about companions, and stories, and the morals of the Force, and what builds we're using for certain classes, and beta people's fics, and see fanart, and all of those lovely things. I hope this becomes a communal space for people.


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