Jun. 7th, 2012

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I've been binging on podcasts lately and SWTOR being one of my favorite topics, listening to a lot about the game. Anyone have any that they'd recommend?

So far my favorite is Ossuss Academy, which discusses lore. The topic is what makes this show interesting... the hosts, not so much. I listened to a handful of MER, which is on the same network and features basically the same dudes plus a couple more and yeah. Not as enjoyable.

I really want a SWTOR podcast in the vein of Knickweasels. Anyone listen to that? It's about Dragon Age, not SWTOR, but I definitely recommend it anyway. It's hosted by two women who discuss the lore, characters, and fandom with feminist sensibilities. And it's awesome. Many of the SWTOR or Star Wars in general podcasts have been sausage fests, and what they like/discuss/hate doesn't usually mesh with my own opinions. I'm not opposed to male hosts at all, but I'd like to listen to people who are at least aware of, if not sympathetic to, the gender issues in fandom and so far none of the male-dominated podcasts are what I'm looking for.


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